Organizational Crisis Recovery

High publicity negative events can have a crippling effect on morale and organizational performance. These events include negative audits, criminal investigations and civil litigation. Public accusations can negatively color an entire organization, destroy stakeholder trust and, many times, employee relationships and morale are the collateral damage. We have many years experience in the aftermath of such occurrences and can provide useful counsel, especially in the area of financial management and stakeholder relationships.

Interim Financial Management

During times of crisis it is common for leadership to change abruptly. Frequently, leadership is replaced too quickly, based solely on academic credentials or professional reputation. While these are necessary qualifications for any serious candidate, it is essential that other less obvious qualities be considered. In our experience, the selection of an executive with the right credentials, but the wrong approach to re-stabilization will damage the process of organizational recovery.

We are able to provide interim financial management services, assess the human and systemic changes necessary moving forward and provide seasoned advise for your unique environment. Initially, this requires us to be on site full-time. We charge a negotiated weekly or monthly fee for these engagements.